Hey! I'm a mexican boy ;D and I'm 20.
I love to make and download stuff for my sims, more than playing. And too I love the Cookies♥ and help other simmers C:

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March 6th
10:03 PM

at this time I should be playing university life, but I spent a lot of time working on this (the crook and sweater) and just now I’m very happy xD

Now I’m going to play~ C:

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    This looks awesome! I actually made a Jack Frost in my game too; I’m dying for this hoodie, ha ha.
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  5. jjakjjakj said: OMG this is awesome!
  6. shockshame said: HJKFJIEWEWS Todo se ve genial!! El fin de semana pasado vi la peli con mi novio y nos encanto! :D
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