Hey! I'm a mexican boy ;D and I'm 20.
I love to make and download stuff for my sims, more than playing. And too I love the Cookies♥ and help other simmers C:

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October 13th
9:41 PM
What do you think?

What do you think?

  1. megsense said: I think these are EXACTLY what I was looking for last night and had to settle for EA’s version. omg. LOVE
  2. simsxxy said: like it but the pants seem tight :/
  3. kuruminosims said: Cool(>ω<)
  4. vkg-simblr said: i like it! : D
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  6. noelyely said: Sooo cute. OMG. X3
  7. urbanhypesims said: ME ENCANTA! jaja me compré el de mascotas no hace mucho y los tengo viviendo así estilo graja y esto iría genial!:D